19 Feb

Under The Dim Light


She is a young massage seductress of the Hong Kong night. She leads you in this spellbinding dance, with you as her client, allowing you to take turns and respond to her eroticism. Her ability to create such a charming spectacle with her massage embrace in impressive.

Within minutes she has an admirable understanding of your body and its sensual needs. It’s in her to make you comfortable embracing your body and all its imperfections. She is trained to infuse you with sensual confidence and self-acceptance coupled with comfort.
It’s in her budding experience. She knows her trade, she crafts her moves, and she unleashes her body to body massage eliciting such a deep seated connection with you. It’s in her world to nurture your sensual instinct and reconnect you with your inner self. Time after time her clients know that she will gently guide them to experience a release and freedom from within.

Discreetness and professionalism are ingrained in her sweet act of kneading your strains and letting your groins and muscles relax. When we’ve been out and about and our bodies yearn for tantalizing fulfilment and maximum release she is there just for you.

She takes care of you and your specific needs because her trade is professional and her tricks are timeless. An endless mix of fascinating sensual moves and strident embrace. You will feel the smooth feel of her healthy young skin as it rubs over yours. You will encounter the sappy feel of her ebony tits as they glaze over your chest. You will not miss the fleshly swell of her full thighs and the shapeliness of her curved body.

Hers is a state of the art massage facility, packed with the latest tools of enjoyment and services beyond your expectation. She is endearing. She is disarming. She is playful and giddy. Trust her to give you those slutty, bedroom eyes.

Her tricks go beyond the sexual therapy, she imbues you with relaxation from her own body energy. She grants you a sweet hand job combined with oral intimacy and self-love. She is out to make her body help you connect the spiritual, the sexual and the physical.
Her butt and her pubis is in your face as she presses into your girds and loins. Under the dim lighting of an erotic encounter enhanced by the strong sweet scents of herbs, waxes and soulful music she works on your body to ease your tense muscles.

She will take her sweet time to give you a slow, ingratiating striptease. She gently yanks her dress off, then slowly unhooks her bra and culls her panty to show you what a full bodied feminine perfection looks like.

If your sexual angst have been repressed and trodden down, then a genital massage followed by a pelvic presses will slowly ease you into orgasming and leave you spent but happy. Her biggest hook is how she plays with the dim lights to oscillate between the mystical, the meditative, and the exciting.